Monday, 19 June 2017

Tips To Make Your Facebook Password Strong And Safe
Internet security is one of the major issues of the contemporary times. Security breaches are being made to a large extent, which gives rise to a hovering threat of hovering online vulnerabilities. It is better to take the right preventive measures before it is too late.
In this modern era, we use numerous accounts as an inevitable part of our daily routine, that require login passwords. But no account is safe unless you have secured your login passwords. Here are some facts, figures, and tips that can help you to secure your login password.

Time To Crack A Password-
A research from American Express reflected the strength of a password that we use for various and what time it will take to crack that password-

·         A password containing only lower case letters with a password length of 6 characters can take merely 0.077 seconds to be cracked.
·         A password of length 7 characters containing upper and lower cases of letters and numbers can take 14 minutes to be cracked.
·         A password of length 8 characters with a mix of upper and lower cases of letters and numbers can take 15 hours to be cracked.
·         A password of length 9 characters with a combination of upper and lower cases of letters and numbers can take 39 days to be cracked.
·         A password of length 11 characters containing a number and lower & upper cases of letters can take 411 years
·         A password of length 14 characters containing lower and upper cases of letters can take 511 years to crack.
·         A password of length 12 characters, but contains numbers and letters can take 344,000 years to crack.
From the above given facts, you can see how adding numbers or capital letters or a mix of them created a significant difference in making your password strong. Secure your password today with a strong password. Change Your Facebook Password to a strong one to avoid the unseen privacy threats.

How To Make Your Password Safe?
You have learned how to make your password strong, but a strong password is not safe until you prevent them from various challenges related to password hacking.
Here are some useful tips-
·         Don’t give your Facebook login information to anyone
·         Avoid using a new device to log in your account
·         Self-enter the Facebook URL and avoid a login page directed from some other webpage
·         Don’t open a suspicious link, it can be a trap to hack your account
·         Keep different passwords for different accounts
·         Change your Facebook password periodically.
These steps can prevent your Facebook account from the hacking threat. If you don’t know how to change your password, you can contact Facebook Customer Support Phone Number to get the right assistance.

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